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Aug 19, 2021
In Bedrock Staff Applications
position I’m applying for: building team My Minecraft username is: lonewolfc2677 Discord tag: lonewolfc#1185 Age: 13 Timezone: UK Im active throughout the day but mainly 11pm-3am i just joined the server, but I would love to help out I’ve not been disciplined before by a staff member on this server i have been a builder in a server me and my friend made and built a few things including, the Death Star, a Japanese tea shop, the coliseum and a dragon statue i would like to be a part of the staff team because I love to build and I would love to help out on this server i will benefit this server because I consider myself a really good builder and it is something I love to do my skills are: good builder, good at redstone, good at interior and exterior design I was recommended to do a form by Cobalt#5646

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